Blockchain Meetup Talk

I’m a big fan of meetups, with our first Zurich Bitcoin Meetup all the way back in 2011, with just 4 people attending, more on that another time. The Zurich Bitcoin meetups have become far more popular and better organized, thanks to Lucas, who has been organizing the locations and speakers. And so it was my turn to speak about my research at the latest Meetup: The talk has quite a large introduction about how Bitcoin works and why it does not scale.

Getting git to play nicely with CDNs

Git is a really cool version control system. So cool in fact that I decided to use it to distribute the project I’m working on to several hundreds of Planetlab nodes. So I went ahead and created a repository with git init --bare somewhere in under the root of my local Apache2. Using pssh we can clone and pull from the repository simply by specifying the URL to that repo. Obviously the traffic is still pretty high, after all every request still ends up at my machine, so I have to serve the whole repository once for each machine.

   git, planetlab

Bitcoin's Getting Some Traction

It’s an amazing time to be part of the Bitcoin family. With the Wikileaks scandal we had some quite heated discussions on whether to promote ourselfs as an alternative way for them to acquire funds, but in the end we decided not to, preferring not to be associated with a company being investigated by some countries. However the decision seems to have already been taken for us: as this article in PCWorld demonstrates we are not the only ones making that connection.

Migrating to JRockit

I’ve been bothered with the now famous PermGen Space error while developing a web application on a local jetty instance quite often, and I was hoping that the problem wouldn’t prove to be that serious once deployed on a tomcat server, but quite the opposite is the case. The problem happens when the JVM runs out of permanent generation heap space, which most of the time is due to classloaders not being correctly garbage collected.