Blockchain Meetup Talk

I’m a big fan of meetups, with our first Zurich Bitcoin Meetup all the way back in 2011, with just 4 people attending, more on that another time. The Zurich Bitcoin meetups have become far more popular and better organized, thanks to Lucas, who has been organizing the locations and speakers.

And so it was my turn to speak about my research at the latest Meetup:

The talk has quite a large introduction about how Bitcoin works and why it does not scale. In the second part we talk about Duplex Micropayment Channels, how Payment Service Providers could emerge to build a fast payment network on top of Bitcoin and what some of the remaining challenges are.

I had a lot of fun, and it is always nice to have such an interested crowd. If you get a chance to give a talk at a meetup, go for it.

In the talk I said that most of this information is in my dissertation, so for those who would like to read up on these technologies the dissertation is available at Amazon: On The Scalability and Security of Bitcoin.